Educational Facilities

Southfield Public Library - Southfield, Michigan                   PIC #1    PIC #2   PIC #3   PIC #4                            

Pattengill Middle School -  Lansing, Michigan                       PIC #1    PIC #2   PIC #3

MSU Wharton Center - East Lansing, Michigan                     PIC #1    PIC #2   PIC #3   PIC #4 

MSU Clara Bell Smith Student Athlete Academic Center      PIC #1 

MSU Business College

Dewitt High School                                                                   PIC #1    PIC #2

Brighton High School Renovations

Durand Middle School                                                              PIC #1 

Pinckney High School                                                              PIC #1    PIC #2   PIC #3   PIC #4 

St. Johns Middle School                                                          PIC #1 

St. Johns Gateway North Elementary

St. Johns Oakview South School

Sunfield Elementary School Renovations

Rayla Elementary School Renovations

MSU Union Building Renovations

MSU Radiology Building Interior

Williamston High School Renovations

Jackson National Life Child Care Facility

Alma College Student Recreational Facility

East Grand Rapids High School

Potterville High School Additions & Renovations

Kensington Academy Gymnasium Addition

MSU Animal Health Diagnostic Center

Holt High School

East Lansing McDonald Middle School, Additions & renovations

Waverly Middle School Skylights

LCC-MTEC, exterior & interior

LCC-Administration Building

Millennium Middle School, South Lyon

Sharon J. Hardy Elementary School, South Lyon

New Alma Middle School

CMU Education & Human Services Bldg

MSU Secchia Center – College of Human Medicine

MSU Cyclotron Renovations                                                            PIC #1 

Brandon High School

Fletcher Intermediate School

Howell High School – Addition & Renovations

Western High Schools

Western Middle School

Colon Elementary, Junior, and Senior  High School

Ithaca North Elementary

Jackson Community College

MSU Wells Hall                                                                           PIC #1    PIC #2   PIC #3   PIC #4 

MSU Eli and Edythe Board Art Museum – Interior

CMU Graduate Housing

Riddle Elementary School - Lansing, Michigan

Averill Elementary School - Lansing, Michigan

Fairview Elementary School - Lansing, Michigan

South Lyon Pearson Elementary School - South Lyon, Michigan

MSU Hubbard Hall renovations